Welcome to the mystical and magical realm that inspires my music...

~ I'm so happy that you're here ~

When I was a little girl, I always felt like I belonged in a different era. I was drawn to tales of a simpler time when we lived in harmony with nature, and I felt a great pull towards the magic of the forests and all things enchanted. The fairy tales and folklore I consumed seemed more real to me than any part of the city in which I was raised.

For as long as I can remember, I've expressed my imagination and emotions through creative means. When I discovered the piano as a young woman, I found a great comfort in playing it and turning my poems into songs.  I found that when I focused the chaos of my emotions that way, I felt immediately calmer and more in-control of my life. 

When I discovered my love for math and physics, I learned how a parabola can be used to focus light onto a fixed point (the magnifying glass trick used to start a fire with the sun). It occurred to me that when I focus my emotions into music, I become like the parabola - hence the name!

Fast-forward many years, and I've returned to the forests and mountains to live in as much harmony with the nature around me as possible. Combining my love of music, nature, and science to build an off-grid ecohome in what feels like Middle Earth in New Zealand. This real-life fantasy is where I create my music.