Welcome to Paraboland

Paraboland is a mystical and magical realm of inspiration & music...

~ I'm so happy that you're here ~

Have you ever felt like you were meant for a different kind of world? A realm of magical creatures, enchanted forests, and secret messages alive in the night sky? Welcome!

Paraboland is a place for you to escape the stress and noise of that realm we call 'reality'. Here, the trees glisten with healing music, and the magic of the old ways is more real and alive than you might imagine!

Let me take you on a relaxing adventure of sound, visions, and symbols where your own imagination will paint the story...

Who is Parabola?

For as long as I can remember, I've expressed my imagination and emotions through creative means. When I discovered the piano as a young woman, I found a great comfort in playing it and turning my poems into songs.  I found that when I focused the chaos of my emotions that way, I felt immediately calmer and more in-control of my life. 

When I discovered my love for math and physics, I learned how a parabola can be used to focus light onto a fixed point (the magnifying glass trick used to start a fire with the sun). It occurred to me that when I focus my emotions into music, I become like the parabola - hence the name!

Paraboland was created out of my love of music, nature, fantasy, and science. It's an expanding universe, and now that you are here you are already part of the story! Let's adventure together 💜