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The campaign has now officially closed. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success!!

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Campaign closes in:

 The short story:

My mission is to create music that inspires and moves you. 'New Moon' was written with that intention in mind. In order to record & release 'New Moon' as a single, I'm boldly asking you to do the following three things:

1. Please know that you're awesome for supporting independent music

2. Please make a donation to my tip jar or purchase an item from the 'New Moon' collection

3. Please spread the word by sharing this campaign on social media

Who am I?

I'm a songwriter & performer living off-grid in a magical part of New Zealand called Raglan.  I love adding a dash of whimsy into my music, and I'm deeply inspired by fantasy, ancient folklore, and the old traditions of the Celtic and the Norse. I manage to weave all that into real-life stories through my music, and I absolutely love that I get to do this.

Why am I crowdfunding / why am I doing this?

Firstly, I'm doing this because I deeply love making music and I can't imagine a life without it.  Being an independent artist offers amazing freedom, but the flip-side is that without a label's financial backing it can be extremely difficult to fund new projects.  In essence, I'm asking you to become like my label and partner with me to make new music. Sounds like fun, right?

Sounds good, what's the plan?

I've brought the 'Calling Your Name' and Purity of Weakness production dream team back together (Scott Newth, Andrew Newth), as well as some amazing instrumentalists to deliver the depth, beauty, and drama that we all crave in our music.  This is going to be epic! I will release 'New Moon' early in 2020, ahead of the debut album that is in the making (more on that later, one thing at a time!)

What is special about this song?

'New Moon' is a call to awaken the ancient wisdom within.  It's tuned to a healing frequency (432Hz) and is a reminder of our connection to each other and the universe. Not exactly the message on which corners should be cut, right? So that brings us to...

How much money am I raising?

I'm raising $4,500 and this will cover studio / production costs, mastering, cover artwork, a beautiful lyric video, exclusive merchandise, and some promotion. If I raise more, the extra funds will go straight to into the album.

Pie charts are fancy:

What do I get when I contribute? 

The 'New Moon' collection will only be available during this campaign, so everything is exclusive and very limited edition! Scroll down to see what's on offer! And if you don't see what you're looking for, the rest of the store is still open so you're bound to find something!

A final word of thanks...

Thank you tremendously for being here with an open heart and a generous spirit.  You are the reason that independent art still exists, and that makes you a bit of a hero. I am truly grateful for your support. 💜

Much love,


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