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If you'd like to support my creative work with a donation, then this button is for you!  Simply select the amount you wish to give in the quantity section. 

For example, a $1 gift is quantity 1, and a $5 gift is quantity 5.

All gifts are welcome, cherished, and put to immediate use towards new music & creative content.

You will receive a personal thank-you message and my heartfelt gratitude. Seriously. Independent art can only exist because of supporters like you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter k.
Imaginative and thought provoking

It's been an absolute pleasure to be part of Parabola's world. Her music is outstanding and it's superb to hear her keep developing. Her visuals are great and intriguing and she is so obviously devoted to being a true professional but without losing that personal touch with her fans. I wish her continuing success that I know is coming her way.

Cosy home-concert

We were lucky enough to purchase as part of the crowd-funding campaign to have Parabola West perform an intimate home concert at an event we hosted at home. Was so lovely to hear all of Parabola’s songs and be able to interact with her during her performance. The audience agreed that having her there took our event to the next level. Her performance was polished and she seemed to take great joy in the joy of the audience! A win win!
Would absolutely recommend.